Monday, January 9, 2012

What Happened in the Sunset Hills Ward in 2011?

2011 Sunset Hills Ward History







Clay Richard Lacy left to serve a full time mission in Italy, Rome.

Youth YM, YW went to Nauvoo, Illinois to visit Church History sites.



Anthony Theodore Hansen left to serve a full time mission in Ukraine, Kyiv.


YM YW boating trip to Silverwood.

Gary and Lorraine Barron leave for a full time couples mission in England, Leeds.

Robert and Barbara Casady leave for full time couples mission in Albania, Tirana.

Brian Merrell leaves for a full time mission in Alaska, Anchorage.


Levi Benjamin Kerr leaves for a full time mission in Australia, Perth.

27th, Matt and Julie Reichmann are grandparents for the 2nd time. Ella Rose Chaeffer was born to Ashley and Daniel Schaeffer.


December Ward Christmas Party

Dear Readers (Are you out there? All I hear is crickets.) I have been asked to submit a history of what happened in our ward over the past year. I need to do this before a week from Wednesday. The above is all I have. If you want to add more PLEASE mail me:

send me information and/or photos of THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN SUNSET HILLS WARD LAST YEAR.

Thank you, Ward Historian

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Long Time--No Posting.

I suppose I could blame a lot of things, but I won't even try. A while back I realized I have not updated the Sunset Hills Ward Blog for a long time. There are missionaries who are COMING HOME SOON that I never posted photos of when they left. I also just deleted about 300 spam messages. (Unless that was you, Sister _____ commenting about the cool place on the internet to buy krill.) And I am telling you right now, if you want to add to any post in this blog you have to sign your name. "Anonymous" is not going to get his comment published.

Sorry it's taken me so long to update. But the ward historical blog is up (and running) again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunset Hills Ward Halloween Party 2010

Just what we need on Halloween--MORE SUGAR! (And more cow bell.)

Scary (tasty) fun for everyone.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ward Party at the Turners, Aug 2010

I forgot to bring my camera to the ward party. So here is a "toonist's" rendition of some of the happenings at the party.

Random girl on diving board.


Random people sitting at a table, chatting and having fun.


Random person eating a bit of the bishop's salad.